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Excl. Tax: €10.00 Incl. Tax: €12.20

Bouldergym Bryn, Oslo, Norway 540 m2 with additional infrastructure, 20...

Excl. Tax: €10.00 Incl. Tax: €12.20

Bouldergym with small lead wall in Pamplona, Spain, 2017.


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18 days ago

Meet Luke the Rhino - the youngest member of CityWall playground equipment family.

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About us 

CityWall as a brandname has been present on sportclimbing market for almost twenty years.

It's beginnings go back in the field of climbing holds and climbing walls production, which later followed by kid´s playground facilities, climbing macrovolumes and other climbing accessories.

In all these years we developped many different materials, shapes and technologies.

Development is our driving force and in this we firmly believe.

CityWall is a synonim for quality, inovation, safety and enjoyment, as a result of years of tradition and experience.