3D polyester panels


With CityWall modular climbing panels you can create any type of climbing wall you want!



Climbing walls, made of three dimensional 1x1 meter sized modular polyester panels are really perfect solution for recreative climbers, beginner climbers, school and pre-school children.




Most of the climbers are recreative climbers. So why don’t you offer them a climbing wall, that would bring them joy and happiness. So that they can be really proud of themselves when reaching the top of the climbing wall easily.


But also skilled and trained climbers are always happy to climb on CityWall 3D modular polyester climbing wall, because our modular system of countless combinations of connecting panels together offers creating a great variety of shapes, that resemble natural rock creatures, such as roofs, overhangs, slabs, corners. All of these rock formations can be formed from our 3D polyester modular panels, and you don’t even need large surface to realize all of them.








- Climbing walls made of 3D polyester modular panels are appropriate for climbing walls in kindergardens or on playgrounds.

-  Children will just love to climb up and down these panels and experience rock climbing without fear. And no fear also for the teachers!     By using soft matresses for protection you will make climbing for kids perfectly safe.

- Installation is simple and easy. You can install these panels to existing wall.


We should encourage children to climb!

Make it fun!
Make it safe!
It’s easy.

Use CityWall modular three dimensional polyester climbing panels and bring the experience of rock climbing directly to the children!




By using our specially designed climbing holds of interesting shapes, the kids will be even more motivated to climb and move. This will make them happy, healthy and in good shape.



Different modules and different morphologies – the result is creative design


We are offering you 22 different modules and 44 different surface morphology of panels. From such a great variety of modules we can help you to create you very own version of climbing wall, from steep to overhanged.



-  CityWall special modular system enables also curved edges around the corner. In that way you will take advantage of side closing for even larger useful climbing surface.

-  Flat custom made side closing can also be made. Carefully tailored curves of flat panels, that perfectly fit with modular climbing panels, will keep the climbing wall subconstruction safe from unauthorized access.

- Some greater overhangs can be combined with modular panels as well as with custom-made flat panels, that create roofs. Such combination can satisfy even the most demanding climbers.




Installation- make it by yourself


When it comes to installation, CityWall system of connecting the panels together saves your time and money.
Installation is quick and easy. You just have to follow the installation drawing.
Special system of backfolded edges keeps the panels firmly connected together, which prevents vibrations. There is absolutely no chance of occurence of gaps or holes between the panels. Panels do not bend, which makes the climber secure and focusing just on climbing and reaching the top.


- Quick and easy installation
- Money saving
- No vibrations
- No gap occurance
- No bending of panels



All CityWall three dimensional polyester modular climbing panels have back side frame, created of backfolded edges of the panels.
The frame has already prepared holes for screws.



When connecting the panels together with screws through the holes in the back side frame, the panels will remain firm and no gaps will occur between the panels.


Service door for easy maintenance and inspection checking


Service door is implemented into the existing climbing panels. For fixing the service door we use indoor or outdoor screw material. Service door is necessary for easy access to the backside construction for maintenance and inspection checking.

- the key to quick and efficient installation





Other specification


- CityWall three dimensional modular polyester panels are made of GRP (glass reinforced polyester) laminate, covered with sandy texture.
For indoor climbing wall purpose we use zinc T-nuts. For outdoor climbing wall we use inox A2, or in case of close to the sea-side location we use inox A4 T-nuts.

- Panels have from 10-15 holes with T-nuts for fixing the climbing holds. The places around the holes for fixing the holds are flat, so that you can firmly screw the climbing hold into the T- nut. You use M10 screws with different lengths.

- The weight of the panels differs on the size of the panel. The panels, that are used for creating slabs, have smaller weight, but the curved panels, that are used for creating overhangs and corners, are heavier.

- Curves of the panels with increments from 0.0 to 0.25 cm to 0.50 cm enable creating slabs, overhangs and roofs.




Resistance to weather impacts



The panels have been tested in all kinds of weather conditions: from tropical weather conditions with high temperatures and a lot of air moist in the Carribean and Mediterranean to very low temperatures with ice and snow in Scandinavia and in the Alps.





Compliance with standards and certificates



Colour range


Customers can choose their own colour code.
Depending on special conditions of the location itself we choose the type of colour that is resistant to outdoor impacts.



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