Classification by height

Climbing is concept, which is linked to height. But fear of height should not be the reason not to decide to climbing, or purchase climbing wall.


For adrenaline seekers and those, who want learn about rope tehniques, is high climbing wall the right decision.  We equip it with protection points. All exposed edges are provided with suitable protection against wear of the rope- with especially designed rope edge protection. We also install service doors, and side closing of the climbing wall.

High climbing walls usually have 25 holes fot T-nuts for climbing holds. We can also protect bottom of the climbing wall with vertical protection.


When climbing on low climbing wall, climber is not secured with the rope.

Maximum height of low climbing wall is 4,5m, and protection is regulated with different ways of protection surface- from gymnastic matresses, other soft matresses which are used at indoor climbing walls, to sand or rubber surface for outdoor climbing walls.

We recommend low climbing walls for kindergartens and other educational institutions, where  are no trained stuff for high climbing walls and rope-skills.

Low climbing wall can be fixed on outdoor or indoor wall of existing facility, por it can be self-standing.

We can design it according to customer wishes, and placed optimal, so that it doesnt interfere with other activities.

We follow the EN 12572 standards and we after the prohect we handle all documentation with Statement of Conformity- that the climbing wall is made with EN 12572.

Per square meter there are 36 holes for holds.

Climbing surface can be wooden or from polyester.

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