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If you decided to buy CityWall climbing wall, congratulations! But if you are not sure, which producer to choose, let us tell you, that if you are about to choose CityWall climbing wall, you are on a right track.


A climbing wall is not an ordinary product. It´s a complex structure. And to build such complex structure, we have plenty decisions to take. We are the right address to help you with advice to choose the solution, that is the best for you!



By choosing CityWall climbing wall you get a WHOLE AND COMPLEX SOLUTION.

We offer wide choice of DIFFERENT COLOURS and MATERIALS, appropriate for INDOOR or OUTDOOR use.

You can choose between wide variety of different CLIMBING SURFACES.

According to your wishes we build LOW (BOULDER) or HIGH (LEAD) climbing wall, which will follow your needs and possibilities by its FUNCTIONALITY.

We fix the climbing structure on EXISTING BUILDING or we set a SELFSTANDING CONSTRUCTION.



  • together with you we make a design according to your desires and needs
  • we advise you with the decision of the most appropriate material
  • we make a complete projective documentation
  • we produce components: climbing panels and subconstruction
  • we do the installation
  • we equip the climbing wall with accessories, that are necessary for its functionality (climbing holds, macrovolumes, protective matresses…)
  • we prepare handover protocol documentation according to EN 12572 standard
  • we offer other accessories according to the client´s wishes (climbing equipment, training programme, safety grounding etc.)
  • we offer other service after purchase the climbing wall, like anual inspection service, route setting, short introductory course about use and maintenance of the climbing wall etc.

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