Climbing wall can be in general made of plywood or GRP – glass reinforced polyester material.



Plywood climbing walls have flat or carved surface and are mostly suitable for indoor use.

CityWall climbing panels are made of birch plywood, 21 mm thickness, tested according to safety standard EN 12572, and have passed the impact test and pull test, as well they have obtained declaration of the conformity of the sandy texture.

But the climbing surface, which is coated with a special glaze, gives a feeling of climbing on the rock-like surface.


Sanglazed plywood surface

Special sandglaze mimics natural friction, that comes from rock surface characteristic. CityWall sandglaze is coated with special mixture, containing sharp sand particles, but we do not use polyester for fixation. We call this surface as NG 1 CityWall surface.

Beside using footholds, such surface can be used also for stepping directly on the climbing panel with the climbing shoes because of excellent friction.



Carved plywood surface

Despite plywood climbing panels have most of the times flat surface, we can change its morphology by carving micro shapes into the plywood and cover them with NG1 sandglaze.

Climbing on such surface will become even more challenging. Such technique it is used especially at low/boulder climbing walls, where these incuts are used instead of footholds.


Coloured plywood surface

At the customer´s request we can make just coloured climbing surface, without using any of glaze. Such climbing surface is appropriate especially for kid´s climbing walls, because the climbing surface is more smooth and skin friendly. The choice of colours and different patterns is up to the customer.



Printed plywood surface

Climbing will be even more challenging for children, if the surface is printed with attractive motives. We can use photos, cartoon heroes, didactic motives…



NG2 surface

NG2 surface is our recently enhanced technology of a new generation climbing glaze covering. The glaze itself has the same friction as classic sandglaze, but rounded particles, that cover the plywood surface, are much more skin and climbing shoes friendly.


NG3 surface

NG3 surfaceis an upgraded version of NG2 surface, just slightly wave-like.

You should simply try it!




GRP climbing walls are made of composite materials and are suitable for both: indoor use, but more often for outdoor use, because of high resistance to weather impacts.


3D polyester modular panels, 1x1 m

You can read more about 3D panels here: 3D panels



Realrock surface

Realrock surface is an exact copy of natural limestone rock surface, that has also several flat spots with T-nuts with possibility of fixing the climbing holds.

We reccomend it for decorative walls or climbing walls at swimming pools and in that case we use materials, resistant to moist.



Freeform surface

Freeform GRP climbing surface is an imitation of natural rock, however it´s not its exact copy. But we can shape it in many different ways by creating unique stalactites, cracks, and perfectly mimic the rock-like morphology.

With sandglaze we achieve natural touch of rock.



Flat freeform

These panels are made of GRP material and with the size of 1x1m they are compatible with 3D modular panels. We produce them with 13/24 T-nuts per panel.

CityWall antivibration system is used for connecting the panels together.



Custom made Flat freeform panels

When building an outdoor climbing wall, we advise to use quality and resistant materials, and GRP climbing surface is the right choice for that purpose.

A climbing wall, made of custom made triangles, can be used for both, competitions or for recreative use, and in each case a long life time is expected. By using CityWall antivibration system of connecting panels together the climbing wall will remain firm and stable and no gaps between climbing panels will occur.



Combination of plywood and GRP climbing surface

By combining different materials we can achieve greater diversity of the climbing wall. On customer´s request we can make unique rock-shaped formations made of GRP material, which are fixed on plywood climbing wall.

Another possibility is making one part of climbing wall made of plywood, and another of GRP material, which you can choose from our wide range of options from our GRP climbing surface programme.



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